The company founder, Radosław Pokorski, launched the business on 1.02.1990 under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowe „Izolacje” Radosław Pokorski, offering heat and cold insulation services, mostly related to cold insulation for industrial refrigeration systems, to large food processing plants.

Establishment of a refrigeration department

In 1995, owing to the company’s development, the decision was taken to extend its business services range by adding the design and implementation of refrigeration systems, mainly ammonia-based ones. This was due to growing interest in the company and the market demand for comprehensive refrigeration services complete with thermal insulation. The development of this field of services led to an increase in the company’s staffing levels, which then amounted to several dozen people.

The subsequent years of business brought, above all, a consolidation of the company’s leading position in Poland with regard to thermal insulation and a further development of the refrigeration department, which undertook bigger and technically more difficult projects with each passing year.

Comprehensive implementation of refrigeration systems

In 2002, the company reached the next milestone in its development – the performance of installation works. From then Izolacje began to comprehensively perform refrigeration works, including the supply of components: compressor units, condensers, high-pressure tanks, fan coolers, etc. – the necessary elements of a complete refrigeration system serving mainly the needs of food manufacturing plants. In a very short time, installation works had become the primary focus for the sales department.

Additionally, the company obtained the required authorizations of the Technical Inspection Office to perform such works as the production and repair of pressure appliances. This enabled it to become one of the few Polish companies offering such a range of services.

2003 – Construction of a new head office – comprehensive implementation of refrigeration facilities

The high dynamics of growth, increased staffing levels, execution of a number of investments all over Poland and the support of EU funds helped to extend operations to include general contracting related to industrial refrigeration facilities. This has enabled the company, since 2004, to meet significant challenges related to the construction of factories and other industrial facilities.

The completion of such projects involves the development of the concept and design documentation, construction on a general contracting basis and finally, delivery of the complete building for use.

Consolidation of the leading position

In the following years of its operation, the company recorded another increase in the sales of services offered – supported by its own innovative research and solutions, constructed a number of buildings on a general contracting basis at home, and expanded its business into European markets.

2010 – Change of legal form

In July 2010, the company changed its legal form into a limited partnership while fully continuing its previous activities.

Mission and goals

Presently, Izolacje Sp. z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k. is a thriving company employing some 150 people and co-operating with the leading corporations in the food industry, both at home and abroad, such as ANIMEX S.A., Sokołów S.A., LACPOL, UNILEVER, NESTLE and many other major dairy, meat, poultry and fruit and vegetables manufacturers.

In implementing each investment project, we take into account all of the investor’s needs. With each accepted commission we commit ourselves to achieving the best balance between the investor’s budget and the project’s effectiveness. Therefore, we constantly increase our expenditure on research, development and the implementation of new technologies and solutions. We willingly offer advice on the choice of optimum solutions already at the tender request phase.