Grupa izolacje

Dear sirs,

The changes in each area of life are the natural effect of development. Therefore, I am proud to present the effect of the growth and development of our company.

The production and services company “IZOLACJE” was set up 25 years ago as a result of hard work of my Father, Radosław Pokorski. We have been working for years for the trust of our customers, which is our trademark today, as well as for the leading position in the industry on Polish market. However, we have not contented ourselves with that and thanks to the involvement in the execution of each project and company development we are now a serious company also on the European market.
We have extended the scope of offered services by new departments; we execute increasingly greater and technically complicated projects.

The effect of our work is the evolution of our company. While remaining proud of the tradition and instilled values, we keep developing just for you. Today we can present the complete spectrum of our activities – insulation works are at present only a part of the services which we offer. Our specialist and experienced staff can perform tasks which significantly exceed this type of activity.

I am proud to inform that the company “IZOLACJE” will offer its services under a new name of GRUPA IZOLACJE.

This change reflects both our respect for the tradition and many years of experience, and it is also the proof for our efforts aimed at further development and growth.
GRUPA IZOLACJE embodies our values and goals.

Yours faithfully,


Jarosław Pokorski
the President of the Management Board of GRUPA
Miszewko, 01.11.2015r.

The evolution of the trade mark of the company “IZOLACJE”


The scope of our business activity includes: