Heating installations

GRUPA IZOLACJE provides the services in the area of design and comprehensive execution of industrial boiler plants: steam and water ones as well as operating in micro-cogeneration technology.

Our experienced engineers are able to handle even the most technically difficult projects.

The execution of such ventures starts from the preparation of the concept and the design documentation and goes through the construction under general contracting up to the commissioning of the complete system.


We specialise in the execution of:

  • industrial boiler plants fuelled with all kinds of fuel,
  • co-generation and tri-generation systems,
  • heating networks, steam and water boiler plants,
  • pre-insulated networks,
  • heat nodes,
  • industrial installations using heat pumps, solar collectors and co-generation systems
  • water treatment installations,
  • the automation of installation operation for power and heating industry.

We are an authorised partner of the companies Senertec GmbH and SorTech AG in Germany. Jointly we provide comprehensive micro-cogeneration and trigeneration systems to our customers. High efficiency of fuel use and the minimisation of transmission losses at the maintained differences of current and gas prices enables to increase the energy efficiency of production plants, industrial facilities and houses.

The co-operation with chief scientific centres enables us to develop and promote this technology.

Acquired experience and our own production base guarantee the supply of the best global