Steam and water boiler houses

GRUPA IZOLACJE specialises in the design and comprehensive execution of refrigerating installations for all industrial branches, mainly for the food industry.

Thanks to the licences granted by the Technical Supervision Office and concerning the production of pressure installations and tanks GRUPA IZOLACJE belongs to a limited group of companies that have been authorised to construct ammonia refrigerating installations in Poland.

Many years of experience acquired upon the execution of this type of projects enables us to offer our Customers technical consultancy and design solutions in the area of construction and modernisation of refrigerating installations. The co-operation with chief producers of refrigerating equipment enables us to offer solutions that are optimum in the terms of investment and exploitation.

Under the execution of cooling installations we offer:

  • the development of complete design documentation,
  • economic analyses of adopted solutions,
  • the preparation of investment and tender cost estimates,
  • the construction of the complete installation on the basis of the state-of-the-art trends in industrial refrigeration,
  • the execution of full installation monitoring together with remote access to the service,
  • 24h installation service,

Pressure vessels are an important element of each installation. We produce pressure vessels on our own as the only service and production company in Poland operating in the area of refrigerating installations construction. The production plant is located in Miszewko near Gdańsk. Our own production base enables us to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding Customers.

Our qualified and experienced engineering and technical staff guarantees the design and execution of computer-controlled systems, equipped with monitoring and data registration. Thanks to that the ammonia installations designed by us can be used maintenance-free in compliance with binding legal provisions. We also deal with the preparation of cost estimates and valuations of installations for loan purposes as well as the applications for support from European Union funds.

We try to introduce and offer different kinds of innovations and solutions which serve the rationalisation of electric power management within our business activity.

In relation to the above, we offer all kinds of heat recovery installations for the purpose of ground heating as well as the heating of hot drinking and process water – also the heating pump installations for refrigerating installation.

The combination of our experience from the construction and structural branch guarantees the success of Your investment.