Thermal insulations

We know almost everything about the execution of thermal insulations. Their installation and professional experience of the company Founder were the inspiration for its creation. At present we provide the services in the area of its installation in the following categories:

Cold thermal INSULATIONS

The insulations with appropriate thermal parameters, made from polyurethane and synthetic rubber are used in production and technological processes for maintaining low temperature. Thanks to their properties they are capable of maintaining very low temperatures of the cooling medium. Specialist equipment for high pressure processing of polyurethane resins which we have enables the execution of complete thermal insulation systems using the method of injection and spraying of PUR foam.

High efficiency of insulation, low thermal permeability coefficient and its tightness make the cold PUR foam insulation the most efficient thermal insulation solution. Thanks to these values and the low self weight it is possible to obtain insulation layers with low mass and very good thermal properties.

We offer the installation of cold insulation of:

  • vessels,
  • pipelines,
  • other countoured surfaces,
  • ceiling and roof insulation using polyurethane spraying technology,
  • technological devices.


Hot thermal insulation is the most effective manner of increasing energy efficiency of the installations. Currently used insulation systems protect them against excessive heat losses and they impact the rationalisation of energy management in many industrial branches.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we use high quality insulation materials, such as mats and insulation sections made from mineral, ceramic and stone wool as well as insulation sections made from polyurethane foam, lamella and rubber mats as well as aerogel.

We are able to provide you with the full range of external protective insulation coatings available on the market, depending on the aggressiveness of the environment and your requirements:

  • made from galvanised metal sheet,
  • made from aluminium sheet,
  • made from galvanised aluminium sheet,
  • made from stainless and acid-proof metal sheet.

Due to intensive market activity in 2015 we were able to extend our offer by the production of insulation cover elements. Using the state-of-the-art technologies it is possible to obtain diverse metal covers adapted to thermal insulation.