Ventilation and air conditioning

GRUPA IZOLACJE – WENTYLACJA I KLIMATYZACJA was created on the basis of the company KAWENT Technika Wentylacyjna set up in 1985, which was the leader of ventilation branch on the Tri-City market.

Our business activity under new company structures covers design, execution and service in the area of broadly understood notion of ventilation and air-conditioning.

We execute ventilation and air conditioning systems both at small and large facilities: residential buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, healthcare centres, industrial halls and warehouses as well as in sports facilities.


GRUPA IZOLACJE offers a wide range of products and services while focusing its attention on the maintenance of heating comfort conditions. We take care of the wellbeing of our customers in the privacy of their homes as well as of occupational health and safety in their workplace.

The installations executed with great care and accuracy are characterised by high aesthetic value and the use of modern equipment results in outstanding effectiveness, which makes it possible to enjoy minimised exploitation costs.

Our company offers design solutions in the area of ventilation and air conditioning installations and it offers execution and mounting of the following systems:

  • ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • machines and devices cooling systems,
  • compressed air systems,
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems in the facilities with special technological requirements: in printing houses, paper warehouses, etc.
  • ventilation and air conditioning as well as machines and devices cooling systems on vessels,
  • welding smoke extraction systems,
  • car engine fumes extraction systems,
  • workstation dust extraction systems

By combining expertise of our personnel from other areas of our activity, we are able to offer our customers the complete facilities by equipping them with modern maintenance systems of heating comfort, required humidity and air consumption.