GRUPA IZOLACJE has a technologically advanced production site which specialises in the prefabrication of steel structures and pressure vessels and which supplements the service activity of the company.

Complex steel structures are manufactured under the supervision of specialised management and engineering personnel.
ISO 3834 certified quality management system applied to welding and Site Production Inspection (PN-EN 1090) are the guarantee of products of the highest European quality.


GRUPA IZOLACJE offers its services in the following scope:

  • design, execution and mounting of steel structures,
  • welding using the MIG/MAG, TIG, or MMA method,
  • plasma and gas burner cutting,
  • cutting with hydraulic guillotine,
  • metal sheets forming and rolling,
  • hydraulic bending,

Additionally under many years of co-operation with our collaborators we execute the following:

  • structure sanding/ blasting,
  • electro- and hot galvanising,
  • hardening,
  • precise laser cutting.



Under the production of pressure vessel systems we specialise in the construction of refrigerating ammonia vessels. Apart from the execution of our own production tasks, we supply our products also to the leaders of the refrigeration branch and directly to end users.

Thus our offer includes:

– pressure and non-pressure vessels (steel, galvanised, stainless, enamelled and epoxy ones)
– hot water tanks,
– buffer vessels and pressure tanks,
– refrigerating vessels, including:

  • Horizontal Fluid Separators (HFS);
  • Fluid Vessels (FV);
  • Thermo-Syphon vessels;
  • Intercoolers;
  • Oil Vessels (OV);
  • Economisers;

– hydraulic couplings,
– compressed air/ compensation tanks,
– vessels for air, condensate, glycol, ice water, etc.
– air separators,
– manometric tubes

and other items executed on the basis of received documentation.